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NFL Week 11 Picks

November 19th, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

I disagree with some of these picks (ex Dolphins over Cowboys, especially with Romo returning) but the point of this blog is to follow the model and see what it can predict:

Titans @ Jaguars (JAX by 4.758) Thursday at 8:25PM

Rams @ Ravens (BAL by 2.129) Sunday at 1:00PM

Redskins @ Panthers (CAR by 7.516) Sunday at 1:00PM

Broncos @ Bears (DEN by -3.577) Sunday at 1:00PM

Cowboys @ Dolphins (MIA by 6.017) Sunday at 1:00PM

Raiders @ Lions (OAK by -2.197) Sunday at 1:00PM

Jets @ Texans (NYJ by -2.135) Sunday at 1:00PM

Colts @ Falcons (ATL by 6.464) Sunday at 1:00PM

Buccaneers @ Eagles (PHI by 13.253) Sunday at 1:00PM

Chiefs @ Chargers (KC by -7.231) Sunday at 4:05PM

Packers @ Vikings (MIN by 2.799) Sunday at 4:25PM

49ers @ Seahawks (SEA by 14.285) Sunday at 4:25PM

Bengals @ Cardinals (ARI by 4.466) Sunday at 8:30PM

Bills @ Patriots (NE by 14.181) Monday at 8:30PM

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