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NFL Week 7 Power Rankings


  1. Patriots (-15.61895161) (5-0)
    Another week, another win.  The Pats continue to dominate.
  2. Cardinals (-12.24076718) (4-2)
    The Cardinals lead the league in scoring (203).
  3. Jets (-10.30503224) (4-1)
    The Jets Defense leads the league in point against (75).
  4. Steelers (-9.717099233) (4-2)
    The Steelers are able to put up a win against a top offensive team without their starting QB.  Their defense has improved week-to-week.
  5. Bengals (-8.807970255) (6-0)
    The Bengals are undefeated, but according to the Model, they are not the division’s top team.
  6. Eagles (-8.541597059) (3-3)
    The win over the Giants brings the Eagles into the Top 10.
  7. Falcons (-6.917216753) (5-1)
    The Falcons stay in the top 10 despite their big loss to the Saints.
  8. Packers (-6.474181877) (6-0)
    The Pack continues to win despite injuries.
  9. Broncos (-3.793382515) (6-0)
    The Broncos continue to win despite Peyton Manning.
  10. Giants (-2.66861433) (3-3)
    Although the Giants are 3-3, the model believes they are a better team than most others.
  11. Bills (-2.121872911) (3-3)
    Two big losses in three weeks doesn’t keep the Bills out of the top 12.  They win every other game so this week should be a W.
  12. Seahawks (-1.149933232) (2-4)
    The model must be a Seahawks fan.
  13. Redskins (-0.968014649) (2-4)
    Statistics show that this team is better than most people think, including me I guess because I don’t think they belong here.
  14. Rams (-0.90996486) (2-3)
    A bye week does not affect the model directly, but other teams move down so the Rams get bumped up.
  15. Ravens (0.444226034) (1-5)
    I think the Ravens belong much lower on the list than the model thinks.
  16. Cowboys (0.477146243) (2-3)
    The Cowboys need Romo and Dez back if they want to have any chance at the playoffs.
  17. Vikings (1.016991168) (3-2)
    The Vikings offense demonstrated some balance this week.  It’s starting to look like a Norv Turner offense.
  18. Panthers (1.302895546) (5-0)
    I know – an undefeated team this low.  I disagree but the rankings are what the model calculates.
  19. Chargers (1.963276534) (2-4)
    The Chargers are a better team on both sides of the ball than their record states.
  20. Dolphins (2.53445584) (2-3)
    The Dolphins get a big win but they have a long road ahead.
  21. Browns (2.935443717) (2-4)
    The Browns bump up because they almost beat the undefeated Broncos.
  22. Saints (3.132426125) (2-4)
    The Saints jump up from last week due to their win over the Falcons.
  23. Colts (3.514553121) (3-3)
    The Colts do not know how to run a trick play, although the model doesn’t account for this.
  24. Raiders (3.988229537) (2-3)
    This is right about where the Raiders should be.  They have a chance to move up if they can beat San Diego this week.
  25. Chiefs (4.028350178) (1-5)
    Kansas City is lost without Jamaal Charles.
  26. 49ers (5.060145931) (2-4)
    This team is in rebuilding mode even with a win over the Ravens.  They will, however, continue to be a tough opponent for the rest of the season.
  27. Texans (7.065740106) (2-4)
    This team may be able to win the division despite their current losing record.
  28. Lions (7.826622199) (1-5)
    The Lions finally win a game, although their losses were close.  Otherwise this team would
    be ranked lower.
  29. Titans (8.315262489) (1-4)
    The Titans return to Earth.  They will have to continue without their rookie QB for the next few weeks.
  30. Bears (9.163079306) (2-4)
    The Bears gave the Lions their first win of the season.
  31. Jaguars (12.7520801) (1-5)
    The Jaguars are rebuilding but show promise on Offense.
  32. Buccaneers (14.71367453) (2-3)
    The Buccaneers need a lot of help.
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